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Welcome to Wirral Unplugged!

We help families create, explore and unplug. 
Winner of ‘Organisation of the Year 2022-2023’ John Moores University Student Union.

Lead Organisation Wirral MakeFest 2023.

Our Curriculum


World Culture



Our Aims


Create Creators

We create boxes and events to encourage families to spend time off screens, creating and exploring together. We aim to give children (and adults alike) a chance to use this space to be resourceful and imaginative, enhancing the creative instinct we all have, to make something out of nothing.


Start Sustainable Thinking

By creating creative people, we are also establishing in them a mission for sustainability. We teach them the long-term importance and ease of reusing what others would see and discard. We also highlight different ways to approach consumption and production.


Connect Communities

We want to join people together, creating a community of creative people. Through regular, themed face-to-face events we unite communities, introducing opportunities for fun education, parent-child interaction, and community connections.

Hours of Screen-Free Time

Featured Boxes

Wirral Unplugged boxes are unique packages developed by experts in our local community, bringing rich, high-quality & fun educational content to your doorstep. 


Some of the fun activities in a Fairy Troll Post

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