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Fun for the family. Learning for the little ones.

Wirral Unplugged’s activity pack subscription for families bringing up the next generation.

Magic on your doorstep.

#FairyTrollPost delivers magical drops every month, bursting with exciting activities, crafts and letters from Wirral Unplugged’s mythical world!

The fun keeps coming.

Along with your supply drops, the fairies and trolls keep in touch each week, serving up exclusive craft videos and updates. The fun never stops with #FairyTrollPost – and there might be even more surprises waiting, too!

Smiles for you. Smiles for the world.

Our fairies and trolls care about the planet, which is why they re-use materials, use eco-friendly packaging and send just the right amount of crafts to your door. When our families smile, the planet smiles, too.

How it works

Welcome Pack

As a new subscriber, you’ll receive a welcome pack, containing a joining gift and all the information you need to make sure you and your child enjoys #FairyTrollPost in its entirety.

Weekly drops

Post subscribers receive:

  • activity suggestions, ‘how-to’ craft videos and a letter from one of Wirral Unplugged’s mythical characters via email, every week; and
  • a magical supply drop each month.


#FairyTrollPost stimulates children’s creativity, helping them to develop innovation and imagination skills, all whilst boosting their wellbeing.

Fairy Troll Post logo

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