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Sushi and Samurai: Fake Fish and Fierce Fighters! A workshop for those 9+


We’re partnering with 3D Primo to bring young people 9+ a unique workshop at the Bloom Building.

Take part in a brutal Kabuki scene from Edo period Japan

And make a realistic replica sushi dish from reusable materials to take home and display

Saturday 11 November 10-12

Bloom Building, 3 Abbey Cl, Birkenhead CH41 5FQ

Ages 9+


A bit more info…

First the sushi:

Japanese restaurants are famous for displaying their entire menu as wax models in the shop window.

In this activity, you will make a beautiful life-sized plate of replica sushi. We’ll be using a special type of material that softens in hot water and can be moulded by hand into any shape.

We’ll be making a piece of salmon, fatty tuna and egg sushi, together with a little pickled ginger and wasabi, all presented on a board, Japanese style. Which can be displayed in your home.

This activity is run by Dr Andy Green from Wirral-based 3D Primo. Andy is a regular visitor to Japan, having lived in Tokyo in the 1990s.

Sushi making

Then the Samurai:

Wait a Moment! What happens when an evil Lord sentences an innocent noble and his fiancé to death?

This one-act Kabuki play from the Edo era has love, superheroes, and lots of beheaded bad guys!

We’ll be repurposing materials including fabric and card to create costumes and masks and act out a bit of the Kabuki scene ourselves — swords and all!

This activity is run by Dr Diana Powell from Wirral Unplugged CIC. Diana has been to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and climed Mt Fuji!

Wirral Unplugged have worked with Japanese advisors to develop a Japan Box for young people.

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