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Most children start to limit their career choices by the time they’re 7 years old.

Source: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Who we are

Wirral Unplugged is a screen-free group that create educationally enriching, intellectually stimulating and eco-friendly fun and deliver it to your door. Our boxes support parent and child mental health, encouraging time away from screens and focused on each other (PEW 2020). We use crafts, games, stories, food and physical activities to explore different cultures, careers and history with a view to promoting children’s resilience and problem solving. We also run monthly events with experts to inspire families! We are a small, friendly organisation run by a group of volunteers who are passionate about uniting families by innovating content to make sure quality time together is best spent.

Our curriculum


World culture



What we do

We enrich children’s school curriculum with a wide range of topics from across several academic disciplines and help to teach them about a spectrum of new and diverse cultures in engaging, themed activity boxes. Our boxes are aligned with sustainable development goals (SDG) and the curriculum, as can be seen in the diagram below in relation to our Ancient Egyptian box:

Through our boxes we have been able to provide children with a variety of ethically, locally sourced and environmentally friendly crafts and games. In the past two months alone, we have watched children build viking ships with donated wood from local woodwork company, Finsa. While the designated task was building the ship, this is not the extent of its utility. In feedback collected, we found children made shipwrecks, envisioned and reenacted scenarios with their own figurines. This one activity is proof of the imaginative encouragement offered in our boxes.

Our subscriber testimonies also support this argument:

“It’s been an amazing service. The craft ideas are fab. Not something we would usually think of doing in free time but now our craft box is out for use daily. Really helped my son to engage more and want to craft and write. It’s really improved his concentration skills.”

“We’ve really loved receiving it. Floss loves getting creative but sometimes I feel like we repeat the same activities over and over and she loses interest, this helped us really get Inventive and try new things that we’d of never come up with ourselves! Our recycling waste has pretty much halved because floss won’t let me throw anything out without making something from it first! Floss talks about Fae (her letter writing unicorn) all of the time! it’s really lovely. Thanks so much 🦄 ❤️”

Each box is underpinned by research (based on South Yorkshire Futures Play Guidelines (2020)) and consumer feedback as seen above. All of our boxes are designed to encourage the creative, imaginative instincts of children and their carers alike, all whilst supporting their child’s mental health. We use educationalists, mental health first aiders, SEND trained specialists, subject specialists and local international people to design original, fun, research-based, varied activities for focused, family time to promote family communication (i.e. Birth to 5 matters, 2021). Tasks in our boxes can be completed together, encouraging everyone to make time unplug from technology and spend time together learning through play! Feedback from our families demonstrates we succeed in this mission, helping families successfully balance screen time.

Our aims

As a company we have several exciting aims for the children our boxes reach. We are always aiming to:

  1. Nurture innovation – By creating activities to encourage children to spend time off screens and time with family, we aim to give children (and adults alike) a chance to use this space to imagine, innovate and recharge.
  2. Create creators – At Wirral Unplugged, we want to make children resourceful, imaginative. Our boxes aim to teach and nurture the ability and enhance the creative instinct we all have, to make something out of nothing.  By creating creative people, we are also establishing in them a mission for sustainability. Teaching them the long term importance and ease of reusing what others would see and discard.
  3. Connect communities – We want to join people together, creating a community of creative people. Through monthly, themed face-to-face events we unite communities, introducing opportunities for fun education, parent-child interaction and improve, for parents and children, community connections.

Where you come in!

We want to teach the next generation to be innovative, creative and sustainable – in the workplace and in the world.

What Wirral Unplugged does enriches the curriculum and expands it. We are passionate about broadening the minds of children. Graus’ study found that children’s career choices, for both genders, are ‘strikingly similar’ for four-year-olds and 14-year-olds. (Graus, G. (Forthcoming) ‘Children Can Only Aspire to What They Know Exists’, Making Role Play Real Play: Building a Creative Approach to Social Mobility, KidZania and Havas Helia).

At Wirral Unplugged, we want to change that, and we think you can help us. Our boxes expose children to new career opportunities through engaging physical activity, arts and crafts – planting the seeds from a young age that nothing is impossible regardless of race, age, gender or social background.

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