Fun for families. Learning for little ones.

Summer Box is here.

Bursting with fun

Wirral Unplugged Box is packed full of fun for the whole summer! Inside, you’ll find your very own comprehensive activity booklet, loaded with delicious recipe ideas, fun games, pictures to colour in and much more!

The Box also includes Olympic Game-themed stickers, an array of crafting materials and a special wooden spoon!

Loaded with learning

Summer Box isn’t just fun — it’s also full of educational activities, helping your child to learn and enjoy themselves all holiday long. The activities in the Box are linked to the early years’ foundation stage, key stage 1 and key stage 2 curricula — and whilst the Box is designed to advance children’s development in traditional academic subjects, the activities within also emphasises often-overlooked soft skills, like kindness, perseverance and empathy.


Caring for the environment

The environment is at the heart of every decision Wirral Unplugged makes. Our boxes are full of play and fun, but they’re not full of excessive amounts of materials. We’re increasingly sourcing our materials from suppliers committed to the wellbeing of the environment. And our local customers will receive their Summer Box by bike instead of by automobile, preventing many kilos of CO₂ emissions.

We understand that we’ve got plenty of work to do to be more sustainable, but we’re proud of our achievements so far and we’re honoured to have been 2-time finalists at the Echo Environment Awards.

Sustainable Development Goals logo

Supporting sustainable development

Summer Box was designed with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in mind – a set of international objectives aimed at achieving peace and prosperity for all of humanity and the planet. The SDGs were adopted by every Member State of the United Nations in 2015.

Summer Box activities are linked to SDGs, equipping children with the vital skills needed across the globe right now and preparing them for their future.

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