We are Wirral Unplugged.

We transform lives by creating opportunities for all and by empowering families to innovate, collaborate and unplug.

Why unplug?

Technology has been a great societal transformer, often defining how we work, study, play, keep in touch and relax. During the most recent coronavirus pandemic, technology’s influence has, perhaps, never been so apparent — and we understand the great potential technology has for people and the planet.

But striking a balance between screen-on and screen-off time can be difficult. Overusing technology can elevate our stress levels, limit our connection with others and restrict our creative thinking. Finding a balance of screen-on and screen-off time is essential, especially so for our youngest members of society, who know no world without technology. We unplug, not just to take time out of tech, but to also think outside the box and prepare children for the world of tomorrow.

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Nurturing innovation

Jack Ma (entrepreneur and founder of Chinese tech giant Alibaba) commented at the World Economic Forum in 2018 that we need to encourage children to do things computers cannot do, as automation claims many of the jobs of today.

We’re a screen-free group that gives children and adults the space to imagine, innovate and recharge. Our founder, Dr Diana Powell, even taught digital literacy for several years – so we’re not anti-computers, just pro-creative time!

Our boxes are a regular delivery of magical materials and captivating content aimed at nurturing digital balance, to doorsteps across Wirral and beyond and our monthly events inspire families to explore!

Creating creators

Whether it’s building cereal box aeroplanes, cardboard dream catchers, monkey puppets or floating cork pirate ships, being creative helps us to unwind and gives us a sense of achievement. And by reusing materials wherever possible, we’re giving a new lease of life to the once discarded – and doing part of our bit for the planet, too.

We don’t limit imagination or ability. A heart-polka dotted dog? Sure! A dragon bookmark instead of a farm animal? Excellent! The sky really is the limit.

Connecting communities

Many people have felt lonely before, but making new friends or talking to new people can be intimidating. We’ve seen how children of different ages and, yes, adults too (including mothers, fathers, grandparents and guardians) have made connections at Wirral Unplugged over a craft or a cuppa, and we want to encourage this even more!

We’re also keen on connecting people to a wide range of cultures & ideas to enable the critical development of important global skills.

In short, we work to bring our local, regional and international communities together, sharing common experiences and learning new things, too.

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A message from Diana

In 2001, having never lived abroad, I took my first teaching job in Thailand, and in 2005, without knowing anyone in Liverpool, I moved there.

I didn’t think of myself as brave at the time, but now I realise how much I took on (but also how much it gave me in return). Through learning new customs, languages, cuisines, rationales and practices, I gained flexibility, resilience and problem solving skills.

As a person who felt like I didn’t fit in growing up (in the US), realising that things didn’t have to ‘look a certain way’ or be ‘done a certain way’ was a liberating and empowering gift, and one I’d like to pass on.

Dr Diana Powell – CEO and founder of Wirral Unplugged

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