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Our purpose is simple and mighty. We exist to transform lives, by creating opportunities for all and by empowering families to innovate, collaborate and unplug.

Fairy Troll Post

Fairy Troll Post delivers magic to families across Merseyside, serving up regular drops full of creative activities and weekly newsletters bursting with exciting activities for everyone.

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Screen Free Sundays

Screen Free Sundays is a weekly meet-up, where families from across the local area join together to read, imagine, create and connect. From inspiring guest speakers to awesome activities, there really is something for everyone!

To keep everyone safe while COVID-19 is circulating, Screen Free Sundays is taking a break for a while. Make sure to stay safe and check back here soon for updates on when we’ll return.

Why Screen Free Time?

Technology is fab, but it can cause us lots of stress, limit our connections with others and restrict our creative thinking.

We’re Unplugged, not just to take time out from tech, but to also think outside the box and prepare children for the world of tomorrow.


Reading unlocks new possibilities, new ideas, magical places and sheer fun! Stories also help us understand and sympathise, enabling us to see things from a different perspective and build resilience & problem solving skills. At Wirral Unplugged, we offer both free reading and group reading. Here’s our founder, Diana, with a reading and activity for discussing how to #BeKind both on- and offline.


Jack Ma (Chinese entrepreneur who co-founded Alibaba) commented at the World Economic Forum in 2018 that we need to encourage children to do things computers cannot do, as automation claims many of the jobs of today.

We’re a screen-free group that gives children and adults the space to imagine, disconnect and recharge. Our founder, Dr. Diana Powell, even taught Digital Literacy for several years – so we’re not anti-computers, just pro-creative time! 🙂

With Fairy Troll Post, we’re actually using technology to deliver playing, crafting, acting, baking exploring, building, writing and many more activities – all to enjoy offline.


Whether it’s building cereal box aeroplanes, cardboard dream catchers, monkey puppets or floating cork pirate ships, being creative helps us to unwind and gives us a sense of achievement. And by reusing materials wherever possible, we’re giving a new lease of life to the once discarded – and doing part of our bit for the planet, too.

At Wirral Unplugged, we don’t limit imagination or ability. A heart-polka dotted dog? Sure! A dragon bookmark instead of a farm animal? Excellent! The sky is the limit.

Above all, we aim to provide a crafting experience that 3-10 year-olds (and the adults who come with them) enjoy.

With Fairy Troll Post, we offer a craft starter pack and weekly craft and activity ideas to keep those creative juices flowing!


Most people have felt lonely before, but making new friends or talking to new people can be intimidating. We’ve seen how children of different ages and, yes, adults too (including mothers, fathers, grandparents and guardians) have made connections at Wirral Unplugged over a craft or a cuppa, and we want to encourage this even more!

We’re also keen on connecting people to a wide range of cultures & ideas to enable the critical development of important global skills.

With Fairy Troll Post, we’re connecting families with Wirral Unplugged’s magical fairy kingdom through letters. Our eclectic cast of characters even write back to your child, supporting their creativity and wellbeing.

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