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Eco-friendly Family Fun

Our boxes support parent and child mental health, encouraging time away from screens and focused on each other. We use crafts, games, stories, food and physical activities to explore different cultures, careers and history with a view to promoting children’s resilience and problem solving.

Dinos Roar Box

• Created by Aggie & Katie

ROAR! Dinosaurs may have sounded a bit different than you think! Researched and designed by University of Liverpool Music student Aggie, hear about what dinos actually sounded like and make your own dino bone xylophone, dig for a chocolate dino fossil and play dino’s up!

🦖 Find a fossil in the chocolate 🦖
🦖 Play 2 dino card games to test your skill! 🦖
🦖 Make a reclaimed wooden xylophone 🦖


• Created by Jolie , Judy & Andrine

Explore Vietnam with our experts Jolie and Judy!
10 hours of exciting crafts, recipes, activities and games to help you learn more about Vietnamese culture!

🐖 Create your own Yin-Yang pig puzzle 🐖
🥑 Make Avocado ice cream 🥑
🐊 Play Crocodile Ashore! 🐊

🕮Colour in an anime-style illustrated (by Andrine) Vietnamese folk tale.🕮

Dia de los Muertos

• Created by Edgar, Monica, Hope & Katie

Join us on our journey to explore the unique Mexican tradition of Dia de los Muertos all the way
from the ancient Aztecs up until present day.

⚽ Become a mesoamerican football champion ⚽
☕ Make hot chocolate using the Aztecs famous, top secret recipe! ☕
⚰ Design your dazzling nichos using glitter gel pens ⚰
🌟 Play Loteria – Mexican bingo with your friends and family 🌟

Fairy Troll World

• Created by Niamh & Andrine

Our boxes began with the Fairy Troll World, and these magical characters (who live in Merseyside) are close to our hearts! 

🐉 Add yourself to FairyTroll Trumps and play with your family 🐉
🗺 Explore our Magical Merseyside map 🗺
🦄 Be creative with extra special re-stickable stickers 🦄
🎨 Get stuck in with our eco-friendly pearlescent paint 🎨
👩‍🍳 Make crazy Troll pasta! 👨‍🍳


• Created by Kanae , Dalia , Andrine

Visit Japan with us as we explore recipes, sports, games & crafts.

🎭Make Kabuki masks 🎭 🥋Take the karate challenge🥋🍣Try our sushi hack🍣

🖍️Plus Eco-friendly colouring pencils🖍️

🐉our exclusive, Wirral Unplugged-designed dragon pencil case🐉

and A3 colouring-in anime-style poster of our magical creatures exploring🍵 🚅 Japan🎎🗾.

Ancient World

• Created by Jennifer

Discover Ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome in our brand new Ancient World Box!

🐎Design a chariot race 🐎

📜Write your name in hieroglyphs with papyrus from Egypt 📜

🐍Play ancient snakes and ladders and battleships 🐍

🏺Create an ancient Greek pot with air dry crafting clay from the eco-friendly Primo🏺



• Created by Loy & Andrine

Explore some of the Caribbean islands (Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands and Jamaica) with us through recipes, crafts, physical games and colouring.

🍲Make food from Haiti.🍲

🌴 Play a matching game with famous people from the Caribbean 🌴

🏴‍☠️Learn about the Cayman Islands through a make-your-own pirate and turtle game.🏴‍☠️

🌞 Throw your activities in our new exclusive colour-in tote (designed by Andrine) and take it with you!🌞

Engineering Around the World

• Created by Chloe, Joanna & Krystina
Travel with us as we explore engineering through recipes, exercise, crafts and colouring.
🌉Make-your-own wooden suspension bridge designed by Shufflewoods🌉
✈️Wear your ‘future engineer’ pin designed by AviateHer✈️
📏Use your ICE engineer ruler📏
Create a chocolate concrete and more…

From the Pan-American Highway, to the longest bridge in China and the new Elizabeth line, we’ve got plenty of crafts and activities for your family!