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Our sustainable boxes help you put down screens and focus on each other. 

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World Culture



• Created by Yakshitha, Anjaly , Smrithi , Mikey & Hannah

Can we build homes that are better for people and for the planet?  Our Earth-friendly Architecture Box has you try it out with plenty of inspiration!

In this box, three architects from India, Yakshitha, Smrithi and Anjaly, and our student intern Mikey, explore different building styles and materials around the world that are sustainable, healthy and affordable, with…

🌞Sunshine Oasis House kit, Designed by Anjaly and brought to life by woodcarver Chloe Shufflewoods

🏗️Go Build Cards, Get competitive and learn about sustainable architecture in the Global South! Designed by Yakshitha with 6 different countries and their sustainable materials highlighted.

📐Create your own architectural designs for houses in Sweden, the UK, Thailand and Egypt📐

😋Build your own Brick Brownie House, with our custom- made mini-brick cutter designed with UK brick dimensions and inspired by the fabulous Pirouette house

• Created by Ellen, Keris with help from Kanae

Local Japanese teacher Kanae helps our volunteers Ellen and artist Keris (Liverpool John Moores) create a magical Japan Box for those who want to dig deeper into the magical side of Japan.  

🍣Make your own Fake Sushi Kit by 3D Primo🍣

🍵Bake Matcha cookies with our Matcha sticks🍵

🎴Play Hanafuda with our specially designed cards 🎴

🦊Bring out your mischievous fox with our Kitsune pin 🦊

📴With 10 hours of Screen-free family fun📴

• Created by Kanae, Dalia & Andrine

Kanae takes us to Japan (her home country) with traditional kids games, theatre masks, sushi hacks and more! Andrine (our student artist) leads us through it with anime-style drawings! 

🎭Make Kabuki masks 🎭 

🥋Take the karate challenge🥋

🍣 Try our sushi hack🍣

🖍️with Eco-friendly colouring pencils🖍️

🐉& our exclusive, Unplugged Japanese dragon pencil case🐉

Andrine’s anime poster of our magical creatures explores tea ceremonies🍵bullet trains 🚅 and more in Japan🎎🗾.

Travel with us as we explore Space through food, games and crafts! The University of Liverpool’s Association for Space Engineering and Research (LASER) society worked with us to create something special!

🌙Make-your-own lunar phases and Apollo spaceship designed by Shufflewoods🌙

🌌Create a cosmic drink🌌

🚀Race to the moon with our exclusive game!🚀

👩‍🚀And try not to get stuck in space!

This is one of our most popular boxes for any age!

• Created by Aggie & Katie

ROAR? Dinosaurs may have sounded a bit different than you think! Researched and designed by University of Liverpool Music student Aggie, hear about what dinos actually sounded like and make your own dino bone xylophone, dig for a chocolate dino fossil and play dino’s up!

🦖 Find a fossil in the chocolate – crunchy chocolate covers this white dino fossil made by The Chocolate Cellar🦖

🦖 Play 2 dino card games to test your skill! First Dino’s Up! Then Dino Snap! 🦖

🦕 Make a reclaimed wooden ‘Dino Bone’ xylophone! Dino-bones and bamboo have a bit in common, plus with the Dino-Kazoo in the pack you, you can start your own pre-historic band 🦕

There’s lots of sensory sounds in this box- even the recipes are crunchy (I think the T-Rexs will like that).🦖

• Created by Jolie, Judy & Andrine

Explore Vietnam with our Vietnamese experts, international students Jolie and Judy and our volunteer student artist Andrine!

🐖 Create your own Yin-Yang pig puzzle: this is a New Year tradition with our own Unplugged twist (it’s usually a picture instead of a colour-in puzzle🐖
🥑 Make Avocado ice cream and other tasty Vietnamese street food! 🥑
🐊 Play Crocodile Ashore! This traditional game will definitely get you off your feet! 🐊

🕮Colour in a traditional folk tale illustrated  anime-style by Andrine that teaches about greed and community🕮

10 hours of exciting crafts, recipes, activities and games to help you learn more about Vietnamese culture- including bamboo jacks!

• Created by Edgar, Monica, Hope & Katie

Join us on our journey to explore the unique Mexican tradition of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) all the way from the ancient Aztecs up until present day.

⚽ Become a mesoamerican football champion ⚽

☕ Make hot chocolate using the Aztecs famous, top secret recipe! ☕

⚰ Design your dazzling nichos using Primo eco-friendly sparkle gel pens ⚰

🌟 Play Loteria – Mexican bingo with your friends and family 🌟

• Created by Niamh & Andrine

Our boxes began with the Fairy Troll World, and these magical characters (who live in Merseyside) are close to our hearts!

🐉 Add yourself to FairyTroll Trumps and play with your family 🐉

🗺 Explore our Magical Merseyside map 🗺

🦄 Be creative with extra special re-stickable stickers 🦄

🎨 Get stuck in with our eco-friendly pearlescent paint 🎨

👩‍🍳 Make crazy Troll pasta! 👨‍🍳

• Created by Loy & Andrine

Explore some of the Caribbean islands (Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands and Jamaica) with us through recipes, crafts, games and colouring.

🍲Make food from Haiti.🍲

🌴 Play a matching game with famous people from the Caribbean 🌴

🏴‍☠️Learn about the Cayman Islands through a make-your-own pirate and turtle game.🏴‍☠️

🌞 Throw your activities in our new exclusive colour-in tote (designed by Andrine) and take it with you!🌞

• Created by Jennifer

Discover Ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome in our brand new Ancient World Box!

🐎Design a chariot race 🐎

📜Write your name in hieroglyphs with papyrus from Egypt 📜

🐍Play ancient snakes and ladders and battleships 🐍

🏺Create an ancient Greek pot with air dry crafting clay from the eco-friendly Primo🏺

• Created by Joanna, Diana, Daniel, Luiza & Stephanie •

What pollution problems do Environmental Chemists tackle in their day jobs?

💩Construct and decorate your own poo balance game designed with Shufflewoods💩

🪸Create a coral reef theatre and learn about coral bleaching 🪸

🧪Test out the food in your pantry with some pH paper🧪

🛢️Play the oil spill clean up game and more…

Designed with help from the Royal Society of Chemistry, this kit explores the real life jobs of Environmental Chemists who work on water, air and ground pollution!

• Created by Mahsa, Aggie & Sola Arts Members •

Explore Iran with Mahsa and our friends at SOLA Arts

🗺 Explore Iran’s animals and landscapes with matching cards 🗺

🔥 Get ready for Nowruz with goldfish and fire* jumping 🔥

🥘Make some tasty Iranian dishes  🥘

✍️ Write your name in Farsi with wood we’ve repurposed from FINSA✍️

👰🏽 Make a Bride of the Rain 👰🏽 (or the sunshine as we need more of that!)

🪨And use beanbags sewn by our community to play a traditional ‘rock’ game🪨

*No ‘real’ fires are used.

• Created by Kate & Diana with help from Jennifer , Luiza

We’re taking inspiration from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol  and getting into the Christmas Spirit! 

🥿Victorian Parlour games

👻Victorian Ghost Story Card Game

📷Victorian photography kit from Little Vintage Photography

Also included – 👻A Ghostly Vanilla Soy Wax Melt, a Christmas Spirit pin and more!

• Created by all

Sponsor an Amigo box and help share the fun of UK Unplugged with your community!

Every Amigo box purchased gives a family the opportunity to enjoy a magical UK Unplugged box, helping the life chances of all in our community, irrespective of background.

How does it work? We often get more requests for our boxes than we have funding for. Some of these families are in a tough spot financially or have a family member with additional needs and could use some support at home. If we can secure funding or donations, we prefer to let them choose from our boxes. Why? Because everyone is different, and some families are fascinated by Japan, while others want to deep-dive into the ancient world.

You can be confident when you give it’s giving 10 hours of high-quality, fun family time to someone in your community who will love it!