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The Lifeblood of UK Unplugged

We work with enthusiastic individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. Our volunteers have come from across the world, studied an eclectic range of subjects and contributed in all sorts of different ways. 


Hello! My name is Aggie and I study Popular Music at the University of Liverpool.

I have always loved music and it’s been such a pleasure to be able to study it and learn so much more about how we use it in everyday life. It’s been so fun working on Dinos Roar and researching all the interesting ways dinosaurs used sound. I hope you love it too! 

I also worked as the illustrator on the Iran Box.


Hi! My name is Katie and I am a Communication and Media student from the University of Liverpool. 

I have always loved drawing and creating my own designs. I have had so much fun designing these dinosaurs! I find them fascinating because of all the unique features they have and the different sizes they are! I have had great fun learning about Dinosaurs and hope you enjoy it too!


Xin chào! Hello! My name is Yen (my English name is Judy) and I’m a Communication and Media student from Vietnam.

Sharing my culture is like sharing my childhood to everyone which is really beautiful and remarkable. Having a chance to recreate these memories and bring them to people is so precious to me. I hope I can bring awesome experiences and memories that can be a part of your life journey.


Hi! My name is Jolie and I’m a Music student from Vietnam. Having the opportunity to share my culture is absolutely wonderful.

I’ve always loved and am proud of Vietnam because of its fascinating natural landscapes, the unique and vibrant food scenes from North to South, its rich history and very friendly people. You should definitely visit Vietnam if you have the chance to!


I am a recent graduate from the University of Liverpool’s English BA.

I love reading and watching worlds come to life which is why I enjoyed being apart of the Fairy Troll Universe while I was a student. I helped create this box at university with some fantastic members of UK Unplugged. I really enjoyed seeing the creatures come to life in the Wirral and hope you will too. 


Hi! My name is Andrine and I study Architecture at the University of Liverpool.

I love drawing and creating digital illustrations as a hobby. Being able to use
my love for art to bring the Troll Fairy World characters to life was a great pleasure. I particularly enjoyed drawing Drake, I loved showcasing his clumsy personality! I hope you love him and the gang as much as I do!


Hola! My name is Edgar Garcia.

I’m a Data Science and AI student from Mexico. I’ve always loved experiencing other cultures and sharing mine at the same time. Dia de Muertos is one of the most picturesque and yet profound Mexican traditions, and I’m happy to share more about it with you.


Monica is a native of Mexico. She has lived in Hong Kong, USA, Germany and the UK and is a book and culture lover.


Hello! My name is Hope and I study English Language and Literature at the University of Liverpool.

I was fortunate enough to have been able to help out at UK Unplugged where I helped to create the content for the Day of the Dead box.
Researching such an ancient and unique tradition was really interesting, and I learnt some fascinating facts I want to share with you all! I worked alongside Katie and Edgar and together we have created some really cool…and rather spooky activities that we’re sure you’ll love!




Hi my name is Katerina and I’m an English Language student at the University of Liverpool. I’ve really enjoyed creating this project to share with you all! It took me back to my childhood when I learnt about the Victorian era and reminded me of how much I enjoyed it. My role entailed researching what a Victorian Christmas looked like and working alongside Holly, turning these ideas into a fun experience for everyone to take part in. I hope you find this exciting and learn something new!



Hello! My name is Holly and I’m a Communications and Media student from the University of Liverpool.

I’ve always had an interest in the Victorians and have really enjoyed my journey to the past. Discovering how they entertained themselves with theatre productions and even their own version of cinema has been fascinating. Learning about film is a main focus of my course so going back in time to the beginning of animation has been a great opportunity. I hope you enjoy time travelling as much as I did!



Hello! My name is Dalia, and I am a second-year International Business
student at the University of Liverpool.

Dancing and travelling are my main passions. As I love learning and experiencing new cultures, I am happy that I could share the knowledge gained about Japanese culture with you. I really enjoyed creating this box, so I hope you love it and have fun learning about Japan!


Hello, my name is Kanae. I am from Japan.

My hobby is organising Japanese cultural events where we share our traditional and modern culture to local people. I love to help people enjoy Japanese calligraphy, kimono dressing, sushi workshops,
origami activities, dance and taiko drumming. I hope you can enjoy Japanese culture


Hi! I am a marketing student from the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. My family has a good number of cultural backgrounds so sharing some aspects of the Caribbean was a very exciting opportunity.

I love the Caribbean because it is full of a vibrant mixture of people. The food here is like none other. The flavours come from all around the world and the countries of the Caribbean have used them to make unique and delicious cuisines. The beaches are so beautiful with clear water and white sand. The
music here just adds to the liveliness of the Caribbean.


Hello! My name is Jennifer and I studied Egyptology and Classical Studies at the University of Liverpool. I have always loved ancient history, and it’s been so cool to be able to learn about how different cultures lived thousands of years ago. It’s been so fun working on the Ancient World Box and researching all the fun games and art. I hope you love it too! 


Luiza is an international student from Poland studying at John Moores University. Her illustrations feature on our Victorian Christmas Box, Environmental Chemistry Box and Pollution Fighter Cards.  



Chloe is a Mechanical Engineer. 

A cool project she’s worked on was helping to design the sub frame body structure of a new Land Rover!

Her advice to kids wanting to be engineers is to “Go for it! – Speak to as many Engineers as you can to find out about their amazing jobs to help you decide the best pathway to follow.”.


Joanna is an Award-winning Civil Engineer, an All About STEM educator and one of our directors. 

A cool job she’s worked on was a highway scheme to raise roads affected by flooding so that on the event of future flooding incidents, the road is  likely to remain open so communities are not cut off from family. 

Her advice to kids wanting to be engineers is to “ask lots of questions. there are so many cool things to learn and no one knows everything so asking questions is important.”


Krystina is Merseyside Aerospace Engineer. 

A cool project she’s worked on was a program looking at technologies for a future next generation fast jet.

Her advice to kids wanting to be engineers is to “Have a look at all of the options out there as there are many different routes into engineering. it’s all about what suits you best.”.


Robyn is a graduate with a flair for Marketing and Business. She is interested in the laws surrounding space research, and has started a Law Conversion course to develop her knowledge. She has been leading LASER on this project, coming up with activity ideas and developing materials for them. 


Mack is an undergraduate Genetics student. Their interest in space stems from watching Doctor Who and Brian Cox documentaries while growing up, always wondering about how massive the universe is compared to Earth and how we got here. Mack loves that there is so much more to learn about space, like the possibilities of other life forms. They led the Planetary Snap Card activity, creating the designs for each card and researching for the planetary facts included.


Tom is a PhD student working on miniature particle accelerators. He is an electrical engineering graduate and worked on bioreactors for the International Space Station. Tom is the Chief Technical Officer of Laser and handles all the technical aspects of space-related projects. He helped with the content of the box, contacting Space Experts and coming up with activity ideas. 


Zhantao is a Business Analytics and Big Data student and has always been fascinated about the universe. He loves that there is so much potential for discovering new planets and life forms and expanding our knowledge on space technology. He has helped with the creation of graphic design details to be included in the box.


Hello! My name is Mahsa, and I am a third-year Communication and Media student at the University of Liverpool. I am from Iran and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to share my knowledge about Iranian culture with you. I really enjoyed creating this box and have learnt so much more about it myself whilst creating it, so I hope you love it and have fun learning about Iran!

Hello! My name is Kate, and I study English Language at the University of Liverpool. I have loved finding out lots of weird and wonderful things about the Victorians. I have also enjoyed creating all the fun activities and lots of drawings, especially ghosts! I hope you love this spooky box like I do!

Hi! My name is Diana, and I’m the founder of UK Unplugged.

I did my MA and PhD on Victorian Literature at the University of Liverpool, so I loved bringing all the unusual and scary stories into this box!


I’m Keris and I study Graphic Design and Illustration. I have loved learning more about Japanese culture, their environment and mythical creatures. It has been really great to illustrate and include them in the box!

I’m Ellen and I study English Literature with Communication and Media. I’ve really enjoyed researching and learning more about Japanese culture. I especially enjoyed meeting up with Kanae and learning how to play with the hanafuda. I hope you enjoy playing, creating and flipping your okonimiyaki!


Hi I’m Anjaly! I’m a Architecture graduate from the University of Liverpool. I focus on designing eco friendly spaces. I designed the Sunshine Oasis House and created the Design Challenge to get you started!

Hi, I’m Smrithi! I studied architecture and now I work in Liverpool at an architecture firm. I started volunteering with UK Unplugged during my degree, and I helped out with the Victorian Christmas and Iran events! I’ve designed the cover artwork and helped with other parts of the book.

Hi I’m Yakshitha! I started working with UK Unplugged as a volunteer, and I did part of my final Master’s research with them on designing schools for young people with a variety of needs. I designed the Go Build Card game!

Hi I’m Mikey! I am a Education Intern! Previously I’ve worked with exercise groups and so I felt at home designing games for you all! I also did the brownies!

I’m Hannah and I drew the cards and the people for the design challenge! I’m an LJMU Illustration student.