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Ancient World Box: Egypt, Persia, Rome and Greece


Eco-friendly, family fun!

Design a chariot race, write your name in hieroglyphs, and play ancient snakes and ladders! Discover Ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome in our brand new Ancient World Box!

Each box includes:

  • our fun-filled booklet packed with activities for your child and the family
  • some cool air dry crafting clay
  • authentic ancient paper (called papyrus), which you can use to paint your very own Egyptian figure
  • hieroglyph stickers from the British Museum’s supplier, to write your name in an ancient language
  • some eco-friendly chariot race stickers


Volunteer Jennifer designed this box:

Hello! My name is Jennifer and I studied Egyptology and Classical Studies at the University of Liverpool. I have always loved ancient history, and it’s been so cool to be able to learn about how different cultures lived thousands of years ago. It’s been so fun working on the Ancient World Box and researching all the fun games and art. I hope you love it too!

Picture of Jennifer with flowers in the background

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