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UK Unplugged would not be possible without the generous support of our donors, partners, customers and volunteers. We’re always happy for support, so if you’d like to get stuck in with an innovative social organisation bringing up the leaders of tomorrow, read on!

Volunteer with Us

Our volunteers are the lifeblood of UK Unplugged. They help create events, design boxes, run our social media accounts, advise our strategy and even design our website! For a unique, hands-on volunteering experience, look no further: there’s a space for your skills here!

Children being taught about engineering

Sponsor a Box

We want to teach the next generation to be innovative, creative and sustainable – in the workplace and in the world.

By sponsoring a box you can help. Our boxes expose children to new ideas, cultures and career opportunities through engaging physical activity, arts and crafts

Partner with Us

We’re looking for businesses that share our values to co-create boxes and events with!

Work with us to craft educational content for the little ones in our community based on your industry and expertise. 

A space-themed activity box brimming with captivating resources. Inside the box, you'll find a snap game featuring stunning images of galaxies, planets, and astronauts. Additionally, there are various board games designed to ignite curiosity about space exploration, allowing children to learn about celestial bodies and space missions through engaging play. The box also includes a mobile enabling children to visualize. With its interactive and educational contents, this space box offers an immersive experience, fostering a sense of wonder and discovery about the vast wonders of the universe.