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Day of the Dead: Dia de los Muertos


Join us on our journey to explore the unique Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead all the way
from the ancient Aztecs up until the present. Our Mexican advisors Monica and
Edgar guide us on this adventure with exciting recipes, crafts and
⚽ 🐈 💀 🎃
Learn all about the strict training Aztec warriors faced as you become a mesoamerican football

Relax afterwards with a mug of hot chocolate using the Aztecs famous, top secret recipe!

Create a  dazzling nichos (designed by our local woodworker) using your eco-friendly gel pens

Connect with the spirit world and make your own spirit animal.

Play Loteria (Mexican- style bingo) with your friends and family!

💀 ✨ 🍞 ⚰ 🕯

Meet Edgar, one of the volunteers who helped us design this box!

Hola! My name is Edgar Garcia.

I’m a Data Science and AI student from Mexico. I’ve always loved experiencing other cultures and sharing mine at the same time. Dia de Muertos is one of the most picturesque and yet profound Mexican traditions, and I’m happy to share more about it with you.

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