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Iran Box


Explore Persian and Kurdish culture through our Iran Box made by Mahsa and our friends at SOLA Arts

🗺 Navigate Iran’s animals and landscapes with matching cards 🗺
🔥 Get ready for Nowruz with goldfish making  and fire* jumping 🔥
🥘Make some tasty Iranian dishes  🥘
✍️ Write your name in Farsi with wood we’ve repurposed from FINSA✍️

👰🏽 Make a Bride of the Rain👰🏽

🪨And use beanbags sewn by our community including the Older People’s Parliament to play a traditional kids ‘rock’ game🪨

Meet one of the volunteers who worked on this box, Mahsa!

Hello! My name is Mahsa, and I am a third-year Communication and Media student at the University of Liverpool. I am from Iran and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to share my knowledge about Iranian culture with you. I really enjoyed creating this box and have learnt so much more about it myself whilst creating it, so I hope you love it and have fun learning about Iran!

Thank you for considering our products. By purchasing a UK Unplugged box, you’re helping to support your child’s own learning and create creative kids across our community. *No ‘real’ fires are used.

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